20 Years Ago . . . – LIT FUZE

20 Years Ago . . .

Value System

by Matthew Flansburg on

Every person should evaluate their own value system. Not to often you can shatter your old visage with a new realization.  LIT FUZE was partially re-ignited by the understanding...

Summary of "What is LIT FUZE?"

by Matthew Flansburg on

Lets tackle this from a brand management perspective: LIT FUZE or litfuze.com? Yes.  I think we just answered the question.  Peace

The most beautiful thing

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Tribute to Trudy

by Matthew Flansburg on

Dear Trudy, Kingston was always a fine lad. He is always welcome in my heart. However, it was you that got the biggest kick out of him. The...

Out of the Covid-cave into subconscious imagination

by Matthew Flansburg on

Presenting the LIT FUZE 2020 Fall Collection of Stickers: Exclusively at: https://litfuze.com/ https://www.instagram.com/lit_fuze/ #litfuze


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But sometimes coming home to Mom is the best thing you can do.  #litfuze

My lit fuze favorites


Some of my lit fuze favorites are the paradoxical surfboard sticker and t-shirt art. But one evening I was trying to think how to describe lit fuze, with...


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Sometimes time doesn't matter.  #litfuze https://litfuze.com/

LIT FUZE Word Creation: "Supra-political"

by Matthew Flansburg on

We know that this is going to come up soon than later. Especially when the mask stickers hit the market. Experience dictates that it is best to solidify...

HEART in Santa Cruz

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My neighbor Dave asked me what I meant about "hologram" and "holographic" when describing the LIT FUZE Surfboard Sticker.  I have to time travel in my mind back...