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HEART in Santa Cruz

  • by Matthew Flansburg
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My neighbor Dave asked me what I meant about "hologram" and "holographic" when describing the LIT FUZE Surfboard Sticker

I have to time travel in my mind back to 2001 on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Looking at a pedestrian xing sign with a surfboard on it. In the background you can hear the periodic crash of the waves dissipating with a hiss. The cool droplets of salty water hitting your cheek. Sometimes being next to the ocean is like living in a cloud. 

We sponsored a soccer team back in 2001. Those kids are now 30 year old men. I wonder what holographic memories are triggered when they remember the surfer xing image. I hope they are teleported to a time of smiles. 


Please buy a shirt and some stickers. Because each lit fuze image is a smile that can change the world. https://litfuze.com/ 
Edited stuff using Mom's input. 

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1 Comment

  • Please clarify the following in your blog:
    Setting: time and place
    Love you!

    Mom on

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