LIT FUZE Word Creation: "Supra-political"

LIT FUZE Word Creation: "Supra-political"

  • by Matthew Flansburg

We know that this is going to come up soon than later. Especially when the mask stickers hit the market. Experience dictates that it is best to solidify it in writing before there is any confusion. The definition of apolitical is close. 


[ ey-puh-lit-i-kuhl ]


politically neutral; not political; of no political significance: an apolitical organization.
not involved or interested in politics.
We believe that this is a more accurate definition for lit fuze values and behaviors.


[ /ˈso͞oprə/-puh-lit-i-kuhl ]


floating outside the darkness within politics; avoiding political extremism as a neutron "avoids" electrical interaction with protons and electrons, with that analogy in mind, the weak force would essentially be constitutional / libertarian values as quark interactions between between the fermions. However, that is more an exchange of ideals than an actual political affiliation. 

We want to live in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. 



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