LIT FUZE Apparel Launch Party January 13th, 2001 | Part 3 of 3

LIT FUZE Apparel Launch Party January 13th, 2001 | Part 3 of 3

  • by Matthew Flansburg
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Because of the bravery we have witnessed during COVID-19, we believe that an Official Tribute needed to be created. For our loved ones on the front line of this pandemic, we created the "Scrubs Tribute Collection". Our first goal with this design is to raise awareness of their continual fight against this disease. 

All LIT FUZE artworks come from love. Our stickers represent a love of a place, a time, and / or people. Our stickers are joyful and represent peaceful interactions with the world and neighbors around us. We have waited for the correct time in history to re-introduce these designs. The pandemic has been an introspective kaleidoscope yielding images of kindness and goodness and it is time to share them with the world.

As with our 20th Anniversary Vintage Collection, LIT FUZE delivers high quality art in the form of STICKERS, SHIRTS, and SIGNS. Our designs represent the fruit of the spirit of LIT FUZE. Our heroes are Ralph Steadman, Bansky, Mr. Rogers, Warhol, Johnny Cash, & Bob Ross. 

In the end we have our first catalog in 18 years. Presenting the 2020 LIT FUZE Catalog: 


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1 Comment

  • Thank you for the tribute to your Dad, and to frontline workers. I love your bright colored T-shirt combinations and board stickers.


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