• by Matthew Flansburg

LIT FUZE Homer Alaska July 21 2001

LIT FUZE Alaska 2001 Fishing with Larry He is a cropduster

LIT FUZE Alaska Puddle Jumper to Fish for Reds and Silvers

LIT FUZE Homer Alaska July 2001 near Salty Dog

LIT FUZE Tukak Harbor Soldotna Kenai Peninsula Alaska 46lb 35lb King Salmon

LIT FUZE 3" Sticker on 35lb Jack King Salmon caught last day Tukak Harbor Kenai Peninsula Soldotna Alaska

Fishing, lying, and beer drinking. 

Two days later we went back to the Salty Dog and traded a few surfboard stickers for beers.

We hitch hiked back to Anchorage at the end of our trip. 


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